How to Write a Leave Letter Application for Job

Many get scared while writing the leave application to the boss. But writing leave letter application is not a big deal it’s very easy and simple.

Leave letter application is a formal way of requesting for the leave. Now a days many companies have the computerized leave application format.

Where you have to just write your details in the blank places and sign the application and submit it. Leave letter application shows professionalism and your loyalty towards the job.

Taking a leave without a leave letter application is like putting everybody in office in trouble. Your leave letter application lets the boss understands your urgency for the leave, days of your absence also your boss try to manage the office work with you.

Even your colleagues get informed in advance and don’t get stuck in middle of important task in your absence. Your Leave application should be clear, simple and understandable.

If your company doesn’t have the formats follow our tips on how to write a leave letter for job.

Leave letter

Important points to be noted in the leave letter

1. Date

Mention the application date on the leave letter. Whenever you want leave give the leave letter application in advance. So that your boss gets the time to adjust the work till you are in office and can let others also know your absence and the job responsibilities.

2. Respect

Like any other application start the leave letter with Dear Sir or Dear Madam or else write the title of the person.

3. Mention the purpose of the letter

Before reading the letter the concerned person should know the reason for the letter. Mention the purpose of the letter, you can write as Application for leave.

4. Reason

Give a valid reason for the leave. If you want leave for marriage, medical reasons, function, any event, emergencies, going on vacation or for any other personal reasons write the reason in leave letter application. For emergency or event like marriage your boss may sanction more leave. If in middle of any project or task you apply for the leave give detailed explanation why you require the leave and why you need to be there. Your boss will definitely understand you.

5. Number of days leave required

Clearly mention the day from when you require the leave and up to which day. Also try to mention the resuming date so that they don’t get confused or assume wrong date.

6. Handover of the job

Handover your job to your colleague or any other concerned person. Explain them the duties they have to do in your absence. Mention whom you have handover the job till your leave in your leave application. Explain the status of your project or task.

7. Earlier Leave

If you are taking a leave after a long time or you have not taken any leave in the whole year please mention it in the leave letter application. Your boss will know how steady you are in your job.

8. Contact Information

Mention your contact information in leave letter application. So that in case of any emergency your boss or colleagues can contact you and the work doesn’t get suffer. Also verbally you can inform that you will be available on phone calls whenever necessary.

9. Signature

At the last sign on the leave letter application by saying ‘Sincerely’ or ‘Thanking You’ and below that your Signature and Name.

Simple Format for the leave letter application


Dear Sir/ Madam,

Re: Application for Leave

I your name working in department…….would like to apply for the leave from date……. to…. Reason……….I had completed my projects and had informed the responsibilities and explained clearly to …….in my absence to complete. I will resume the office from date…..If extension of leave is required I will inform you in advance. In case of any emergency you can contact me at (Your Mobile No).

Kindly sanction my leave for ….days.

Your’s Sincerely,


Thanking You,

Sign(Your Name)


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